Proof of Funds

First Fund Management is a Proof of Funds provider that offers various products to facilitate your investment requirements. As a trusted proof of funds provider for over 30 years of combined experience, we can quickly help you through some of our services that include:

  • Cash Account – These are funds deposited as a joint venture under your name so you can provide the proof you need to leverage your transaction.
  • Proof of Funds Letter (BCL) – This is a product that works well to show that you have the assets you need, especially related to real estate transactions.
  • Domestic Money Market Accounts – U.S. Private Capital Firm
  • Time Deposits / Certificate of Deposit Accounts: Domestic and International
  • Verification of Deposit
  • Tear Sheet/ Account Statement
  • MT799 Pre Advice and MT999 SWIFT
  • MT760 SWIFT
  • RWA and BCL Letters
  • And more!

All products are cash backed and can be used for various purposes requiring proof of funds whether needed to meet net worth requirements, cash collateral, blocked funds for investments, credit enhancement, balance sheet enhancement, or other reasons. Let us help you facilitate your transaction, allowing you to invest where you may not otherwise be able to.